Enjoy free and fast Wi-Fi at our office while we get to serve you

You can turn on the WiFi feature on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet while we are serving you at our office and enjoy Free Wireless Internet. As Always, Making Things Easier for You.

Install your favourite CMS in just "One click" with Softaculous

All our hosting packages come with free software ready to install using softaculous. These includes CMS Systems such as Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla to eCommerce such as osCommerce and Prestashop.

Why should a business have a website? Find out here

For Greater Marketplace Expansion. When a business is online, boundaries are nonexistent. This makes it easier to reach new customers both globally and locally.

Domain Expiration: What happens next when a domain name expires

This means that your domain name will stop working on the expiration date listed in your control panel, and there after your website is not accessible. We recommend renewing your domain before expiry to avoid inconveniences.